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Two More GAME OF THRONES Teasers Highlight Dany and The Starks

Two More GAME OF THRONES Teasers Highlight Dany and The Starks

When it rains, it pours, but luckily there’s no Castamere in sight, just lots and lots of promotional materials for the April 6th arrival of the fourth season of Game of Thrones. As if we needed more reasons to be unwittingly excited about the forthcoming fourth season of the George R.R. Martin novels-turned-TV HBO series. Not that we’re complaining, natch: this onslaught of videos — including one previously released Tyrion teaser — is the best thing that’s happened to us Thrones fans in months.

The first video, courtesy of IGN, focuses on the family Stark — or at least (spoiler alert) those of them that remain — and feature the Valar Morghulis/”All men must die” through-line we’ve seen in most all promotional items thus far. As fans of the series likely remember, it is these very words that everyone’s favorite tiny aspiring murderperson, Arya Stark, learned from Jaqen H’ghar while she was trapped in Harrenhal during season two. It’s a particularly prickly phrase when applied to the Stark family, as they know all too well that men are easily killed (cough cough Robb, Ned, etc…).

But the most exciting clip thus far is definitely the Yahoo! TV teaser, which features the mother of dragons herself, Dany, as Ser Jorah Mormont cautions about her increasingly large — and in charge — dragons, unable to be tamed even by their momma. Doesn’t bode well for the Realm, three unruly dragons, does it? Caution: Ominous high-flying stuff lies ahead!

Is it possible to be more excited about Game of Thrones‘ upcoming new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Alexandr says:

    Is it possible to be more excited? Yes. They could put out some stuff on Prince Oberyn Martell and his role in the season. He’s fucking amazing and everyone will remember the Martell words: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.