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TWIN PEAKS Opening Gets a NES-style De-make

TWIN PEAKS Opening Gets a NES-style De-make

We need to start a series here at Nerdist called “Things I didn’t want, but the Internet made it and now I need more of it.” Case in point: this NES-style de-make of the Twin Peaks opening.

The video was put together by Filthy Frackers, who’ve made a thing of 8-bit/chiptune versions of Grunge hits and the like. Here, they’ve reworked Angelo Badalamenti’s classic theme, which is still haunting and sad without the vocals.

It’s a perfect reproduction of the show’s credits, down to the way it captures the autumn colors of upstate Washington which got viewers primed each week for David Lynch’s surreal murder mystery/soap opera.

Is there anyone out there with more time than sense willing to recreate all of Twin Peaks in this style? Or at least the pilot? I guess I’m so taken with it because it feels like such a sharply-drawn reinterpretation of something I love. The de-make is era-appropriate and captures what made the original work.

By the way, this isn’t the only time Twin Peaks has gotten the video game treatment: back in 2011, indie developer Jak Locke created Black Lodge. Locke went all in, making his game in the style of an Atari 2600 action adventure game featuring the a day in the life of Special Agent Dale Cooper. And of course, he ends up in the Black Lodge, and things get wonderfully surreal.

[Source: Filthy Frackers via The Mary Sue]


  1. Sean says:

    Since when does the Twin Peaks theme have vocals?