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TWIN PEAKS Jewelry Lets You Wear a Cup of Damn Fine Coffee

TWIN PEAKS Jewelry Lets You Wear a Cup of Damn Fine Coffee

Fire walk with me into an Etsy shop filled with wearable moments from Twin Peaks. Kate’s Little Store features the work of Kate Rowland; she creates accessories based on pop culture, and she found plenty of inspiration in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The popularity of the spooky and often bizarre series that aired in 1990-1991 persists with some, like me, just discovering it for the first time on Netflix. The variety of items in Kate’s Twin Peaks collection speaks to that popularity.

The offerings in Kate’s shop were hand drawn and then engraved into wood with a laser cutter. If the pieces have any color, it’s been hand painted on and sealed. The Twin Peaks line includes brooches, earrings, cufflinks, collar clips, and a ring. Each item captures a memorable line or item from the television series. You can wear Agent Dale Cooper’s favorite items from the Double R Diner: a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie. You can also wear an illustration of his voice recorder and pretending to leave a note for Diane. Or, wear some log earrings and let those around you know that your log has something to tell them.

These are most of the Twin Peak accessories Rowland’s made:

Take a stroll over to Kate’s Etsy shop to purchase all things Twin Peaks. Prices start at $8.71. If you don’t feel like having a slice of cherry pie, you can also browse more of her pop culture creations from shows like Game of Thrones and Arrested Development.

HT: Boing Boing