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TV-Cap: A FULL HOUSE Revival, THE FLASH Poster, #HardwickSmash, and More Small Screen Snacks

TV-Cap: A FULL HOUSE Revival, THE FLASH Poster, #HardwickSmash, and More Small Screen Snacks

Well ho-ly cats, look who’s here! It’s you! Yes, we’re talking to you, Random Internet Stranger. Welcome to our daily Nerdist TV round-up. The tiddiest of bitties about what’s going on in the small screen world. Because y’know what? Lots of stuff happens in the wee town of Hollywood and sometimes, well, things just get looked over. Left behind. Missed.

But lucky for you all that will happen no more (say it like John Hurt a la the War Doctor). No more, I say! Because this is the TV-cap, a recap of what’s been goin’ on today in the world of teevee. So while you all lift the veil in your Monday night Emmy’s hangover (join the club), we’ve got a nice steamin’ cuppa goodness comin’ your way for the ingestin’.

First up? Look fast or you’ll miss it, the new (and easter egg-filled!) poster for CW’s The Flash is here:

Jill Soloway, writer/director of the very good indie Afternoon Delight and other TV trappings like her four seasons’ worth of work on our all-time favorite Six Feet Under, is making an incredible-looking series for Amazon titled Transparent and very talented photographer lady Autumn de Wilde is doing the promo campaign:

And yes, that is Jeffrey Tambor. Admit it: you’re super intrigued.

Here’s a thing that is great: Donald Glover will be playing Spider-Man! Somewhere out there in the world Troy Barnes is infinitely jealous and probably making squeaking noises.

Jessica St. Clair, one half of the so-funny-it-hurts Playing House, will be guesting on at least one episode of NBC’s upcoming Marry Me, which is great for people who like to laugh:

Rejoice, BoJack Horseman fans: the Will Arnett animated series has been renewed by Netflix. Everything’s coming up Millhouse! (Wait, wrong cartoon.)

Fearless leader Chris Hardwick smashed the Emmy Awards last night, presenting an award and getting himself to be the number one trending topic on Twitter at one point.

Perhaps the best thing from Monday night’s Emmy Awards? Billy Eichner, of course:

HAVE MERCY ALERT: There’s a Full House revival in the works. For real! (You can send all your thanks to that successful Girl Meets World revival and all those Nick at Nite reruns you watch late at night.) Some of you out there may be wondering “but we will only watch if Uncle Jesse is on” to which we say “You got it, dude!”

GIF Credit: Rebloggy

Casting News: Anna Camp may have lost a role with the series finale of True Blood but she did gain another on FX’s The League, so nobody needs to worry about her, ‘kay? Stop sending her letters. She’s fine!

Speaking of True Blood‘s series finale from Sunday, here’s our own Eric Diaz’s post-mortem on the seventh and finale season.

And just because who doesn’t love some videos? Here are two sneak peek videos from FOX’s Gracepoint starring David Tennant (who did the original series — and that series’ second season, coming soon — Broadchurch):

So — who out there can tell us what the heck the graffiti on the right wall of The Flash poster says? We’re seriously curious. (It’s got to be an easter egg, right?) Leave your theories in the comments.

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  1. The graffiti is Grodd lives