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Tumblr Gold: Texts From Your Favorite Shows

As I pointed out before in my Shameless Russian Covers blog, I’m a tiny bit Tumblr-obssessed these days. It’s a terribly addictive, fun canvas for nerdy creativity, particularly if you can spin great humor out of what’s essentially a visual medium. Sure, you can always supplement a Tumblr post with a block of text, but the best posts are the ones where it’s all in the image. If you’re good at it, you stand out – not unlike those who mine comedic gold out of just 140 characters on Twitter. (Or sometimes, even fewer. Like, maybe five words. I see you, Peter Serafinowicz.)

There’s an entire genre of Tumblrs that are doing something batshit and delightful in this vein, and steeped in fan appreciation to boot – I like to call them the “Texts From Your Favorite Shows” genre. The premise is simple: Take a screenshot from your favorite show (the more nerd-beloved, the better), and then head over to Texts From Last Night and find an appropriate caption. Slap that sucker onto your screenshot (if you’re a purist, be sure to use a Courier font.) Et voila – mash-up heaven. Often NSFW, frequently implying angst, alcohol or regret. Or all three. Good tiiiiiimes.

As you can see by the fact that I led this post with beautiful Cath Tate a-hollerin’, one of the best in this vein is Texts From the TARDIS. Given the mean age of current Doctor Who fandom that is Tumblr-active, the posts are Ten and Eleven-heavy, but the LULZ, man. They are brought. Regularly…

(CATS, man. Actually, I love cats, but they are nosy little shits.)

For sheer volume, Texts From the TARDIS is hard to beat; I’d argue that because it’s so prolific, it tends not to hit the heights of genius quite as frequently, but at least there’s tons and tons of submissions. It’s in the quantity department that another Tumblr, Texts From Serenity, falls rather short of where it should be. (Seriously, Browncoats, you are legion. GET ON THIS.) The admins seem to be aware of this, though, and say they’re working on it. And hey, visually these are some of the prettiest “Texts From…” posts you’re gonna find anywhere. Pretty AND funny. That combo is always a catch:

(Accidental marriage night is what DRUNK TEXTS WERE MADE FOR!)

Best of all of these for my money, though? This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one: Texts From Galactica. Fine, I’m predictable. But read through all of these and tell me honestly if for matching knowledge of the show to the perfect text for peak comedy value, the BSG geeks aren’t nailing it:

(See what they did there in that last one? Seeeee? DEEZ NERDS. Give it up!)

* All images in this post are the sublime silliness of some very funny Tumblr-ers, and you can see their original posts by clicking each image. Round of applause, please. And follow these and other “Texts From…” Tumblrs, because they’ll make you laugh like an idiot when your day is shitty. Guaranteed.

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