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Tsum Tsum Invades the Marvel Universe in New Comic Book Series (Exclusive)

Tsum Tsum Invades the Marvel Universe in New Comic Book Series (Exclusive)

Disney’s Tsum Tsum is taking over the world, or at least it feels that way. Tsum Tsum is both an addictive mobile game and a series of stackable plushes featuring Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters. The cute of Tsum Tsum cannot be stopped, and we have an exclusive announcement to prove it. Tsum Tsum is coming to comics: prepare yourself for Marvel Tsum Tsum!

The four-part series will kick off in August. Writer Jacob Chabot and artist David Baldeon will explore what happens when a crate of Tsum Tsums en route to The Collector falls to the Earth and is discovered by a group of Brooklyn teens. The series will see the Marvel Tsum Tsum heroes interact with actual heroes, but there’s a catch—the Tsum Tsums think they’re the real Marvel heroes and are ready to save the day. Before we get into more details about the project, please take a look at the cover for issue #1 by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson:

Chabot said he pretty much had a blank slate for the story. He said, “The trick is coming up with a narrative that makes the Tsum Tsum more than just fuzzy versions of your favorite heroes. I’m attempting to channel all of the kids’ movies and comics I loved back in the day (and still do!) into something I hope people will like!”

Putting the Tsum Tsum heroes alongside the real heroes wasn’t as challenging as you might think. “As far as putting the Tsum Tsums alongside the regular heroes, the Marvel Universe has successfully incorporated toy lines into its history before. Plus there’s already a talking duck. The Tsum Tsums should be able to fit right in alongside all that craziness,” Chabot said. He added that working with Baldeon has been great so far and that it’s been an exciting experience to see Baldeon’s take on his story.

Marvel associate editor Devin Lewis explained what they’re going for with Marvel Tsum Tsum. He said, “We are really focusing on making this first story great and bringing everything Marvel fans love to the fore—we’ve got a terrific mix of authentic Marvel action, humor, and characters and together it all really sings. Marvel Tsum Tsum is unique because it’s bringing the Tsum Tsums into the Marvel Universe. Not only are the Tsum Tsums interacting with classic Marvel heroes, they believe they are the classic Marvel heroes, which gives us room to tell a really fun story. And they could even appear in future Marvel stories. That’s incredibly exciting to us.”

And in case you’re wondering, there are currently no plans to bring other Tsum Tsum from other franchises, like Star Wars, into the comics. But we can dream.

To celebrate the arrival of Marvel Tsum Tsum in August, Marvel will be doing 20 Tsum Tsum Takeover variant covers across various titles. Are you prepared for that much cute? The covers are based on the theme of Tsum Tsums in the Marvel universe. Because we like you, the gallery below has an exclusive look at four of these variants. You’ll find covers for:

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8 by Brian Kesinger
Deadpool #17 by Javier Rodriguez
Ms. Marvel #10 by Tradd Moore
Doctor Strange #11 by Ryan Stegman

I’m kind of smitten with how the Tsum Tsums are incorporated into the art!

Will you be adding Marvel Tsum Tsum to your pull list to ensure you get it in August? Jump to the comments and let me know. And while we’re talking Tsum Tsum, tell me which character you love to use in the mobile game—I’m all about Elsa.

Images: Marvel


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