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Transformers: Primed for a Finale (Season Finale, That Is)

Tonight and tomorrow, in your post Halloween stupor, as you veg out watching television and recuperating from the epic night we like to think you had, flip the channel over to The Hub and catch up on Transformers Prime before the season 2 finale. The best iteration of the Autobots and Decepticons since Generation 1 is taking over The Hub for 26 hours, starting today at 5:30 pm Eastern. Every episode of the first two seasons will be shown leading up to the epic season finale Friday night at 7 pm ET.

Transformers Prime picks up the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons years after Megatron has disappeared. Upon the Decpticon’s return, the Autobots are forced to deal with the fact that they are now outgunned, under-informed, and out manned… umm, we mean out-robot-in-disguised? The Autobots fall in with a group of kids and become their protectors when the Decepticons mistakenly believe they are of value for intelligence on the Autobots. The spiritual successors of Spike are actually pretty nifty, as they don’t fall into the stereotypical cartoon bystander stereotypes. They prove to be just as interesting as the robots, and that is something we’ve never seen in Transformers before.

The show features cameos by some of our favorite classic Transformers as well as a core group of Autobots with real personalities, a seamless merging of several versions of the Transformers we know and love and a human connection that just hasn’t existed properly in Transformers lore in a long time. Also, definitely tune in for the season one eps and be treated to┬ázombie Transformers. If you’re new to Transformers Prime, now’s the time to jump on board, because this semi is rollin’ and it doesn’t have a flame paint job.

No time to view the show this weekend? Don’t worry, Shout Factory just announced the Blu-ray of Transformers Prime season 2 will be here on November 27th, the day after Cyber Monday. How appropriate. I’m not a psychic or anything, but you may want to pay attention to and Nerdist News on the 26th. Just sayin’. Speaking of giveaways (or were we?), the first ten people to email their name and email address to [email protected] win Transformers Prime posters based on the art to the left, to the left. The art in that box is all Beyonce left us with.


  1. Brian Walton says:

    And that’s the ball game. Thanks for playing guys. The winners of Transformers Prime Posters will be contacted shortly.