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Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Premiere Ep “Deep Breath”

Trailer for DOCTOR WHO Premiere Ep “Deep Breath”

We’re now less than two weeks away from the premiere of Doctor Who‘s eighth series and the first adventure for the fourth different Doctor since the show came back in 2005 (fifth if we’re counting the War Doctor). The excitement here at Nerdist HQ (and in my own heart and soul) is palpable (and pulpable, weirdly), and would be even if we didn’t have a new teaser trailer to share. But a new one we have and share it we will. Below is the BBC One teaser for “Deep Breath.”

Ahhhh! I have no idea what’s happening but I’m jittery with the prospect of seeing Peter Capaldi take on dinosaurs and steampunk robo-men in Victorian London and teaming up again with a samurai Silurian detective and her human warrior woman wife. And all the while, Clara is there because the newly-regenerated Doctor Whose Number Is Officially Twelfth needs her more than anyone. We even get a smirk from Twelve at the end, which is about as much of a smile as we’ve ever seen from him. It looks, like all the best series premieres written by Steven Moffat, bonkers. Bonkers T. Bobcat, even.

As a reminder, Doctor Who Series 8 premieres on Saturday, August 23rd, at 8/7c ET/PT with the feature-length first episode on BBC America. It will also be shown in cinemas in select cities at midnight that night as well as in many more cities on Monday, August 25th. And if you’d like to see the previous trailer and a quick look at short clips from the new series, click the highlighted parts of this sentence.