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Tour Washington, DC With Marvin E. Quasniki

He’s going to live there, so it makes sense to take a look around Washington, right? “He” is, of course, the Nerdist-endorsed presidential candidate, Marvin E. Quasniki, who had plenty of time to tour the city after getting kicked out of CPAC. On this tour, you’ll see the Big Number 1, plus a memorial to the inventor of the toaster oven, and from a safe distance, Marvin’s future home, where he’ll be bringing his futon and his aquarium. And if you vote for him, you know all those monuments and statues? One word: animatronics. Hell, yes, he’s got your vote.

(Incidentally, apologies on Marvin’s behalf to all present, former, and future attendees of George Mason University)

See the Quasniki campaign videos at the Nerdist Channel on YouTube and like him on Facebook, where, before long, you can expect to see the details of Marvin’s Inaugural Ball, which will likely take place at the Five Guys on H Street, unless he’s feeling more like Ben’s Chili Bowl that evening.