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Touch Ron Burgundy and Win Fabulous ANCHORMAN 2 Prizes

Touch Ron Burgundy and Win Fabulous ANCHORMAN 2 Prizes

Feeling a dearth of classiness in your life lately? Do you crave the smell of rich mahogany and owning many leatherbound books? Have you been spending countless hours practicing your jazz flute just in case of emergency? Well, you’re in luck, because, on December 20th, Anchorman 2 is arrives in theaters to give America the much-needed adrenaline shot of Ron Burgundy greatness it needs, and they’re taking things a step further with a ridiculous contest in cooperation with Dodge and Funny or Die. The contest, aptly titled “Hands On Ron Burgundy”, impels you to, well, touch Ron Burgundy for as long as possible. Don’t take my word for it; this video explains it best.

Touching Ron for five minutes enters you to win a pair of Anchorman 2 tickets (they’re giving away 100 pairs a day), but those of you who are more dedicated to laying hands on Ron can win a Dodge Durango, a mustache body pillow, a bottle of Sex Panther, and much more.


Seriously, they have prize tiers for winners 1 through 400. The contest officially kicks off tomorrow; we found out about it when we were sent a mysterious box containing a USB drive and a lot of hay. I mean, like, a lot of hay. Too much hay. Check out what subsequently happened.


So, there you have it! We have a surplus of hay, and starting tomorrow, you have a chance to win fabulous Anchorman 2 prizes! Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below!



  1. Eric says:

    I won the mug, got sent an email stating i’d won, then another saying it would ship soon! :)