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Total Lunar Eclipse To Wreak Havoc, Or More Likely Just Hang There

Photo: NASA

Well, there’s gonna be a lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning, starting about 1:33 am ET through 5:01 am ET. The total eclipse part is supposed to start about 2:41 am, making the moon red until 3:35 am. And then it explodes. No, that’s not true.  We had a partial lunar eclipse on June 26th, but this one’s a total eclipse.  And they’re saying that it’ll be the best until at least 2014.  So there.

Anyway, click here for NASA’s page with all the times and stuff. About half the world will be able to see it, if, that is, they’re awake at the time, which usually helps.  And if you, like me, are in Southern California, you probably ain’t gonna see it, because of the rain and clouds and such. Sorry.


  1. Aventador says:

    Would be cool to see but I doubt I’d be able to get up that early.

  2. Neil F. says:

    Should be cool to see, but if you are in an area that is on the bad side of mother nature tonight and are unable to look out a low-tech window to see the event, NASA is broadcasting it live at their website (