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Top Ten Horror Games We’re Dying To Play


Gamers who love to be frightened, rejoice! This is an excellent time for horror games — after the disappointing transition of many our favorite classic horror-survival games to a more action-adventure feel (*cough*RE6*cough*), many indie developers are stepping up and showing us what it means again to be truly terrified. Here are ten horror games we’re looking forward to playing:

Amnesia- A Machine for Pigs (Frictional Games)- PC, Mac, Linux

The new survival horror game from the sociopaths who brought you Amnesia: The Dark Descent looks incredibly promising. Though the game is set in the same terrifying (and, as the screen shots have been proving, ridiculously dark) universe, it will feature several changes to the behavior of the AI, the environment, and a startling lack of inventory in order to keep fans of the game on their toes and their underwear continually soiled.



Slender: The Arrival (Blue Isle Studios)- PC, Mac

One of the few games on this list that’s actually out already, the folks at Blue Isle have expanded on the anxiety attack that was Slender: The Eight Pages and turned it into a full blown game with five chapters. That doesn’t mean you get anything more than the paltry flashlight and ability to jog, though, so if you like your survival horror with an emphasis on survival, this is going to be one to play through.



The Evil Within (Bethesda)- PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360

Bethesda’s newest monstrosity, created by Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, is one of the most anticipated horror games expected to be out in the next year. Mikami is seemingly returning to his roots on this one and really punching up the horror aspect, as the last few Resident Evil games left a lot to be desired in that department. The main character in The Evil Within is a detective thrown into a world of gruesome monsters, and instead of the standard guns/bazooka/melee that you’d expect in a game like this, you’ll be relying on using traps and your surroundings to defeat enemies.



Outlast (Red Barrels)- PC

New studio Red Barrels has cited Amnesia as part of its inspiration for the game Outlast,  a primarily stealth-driven first-person which aims to put you in the shoes of one very doomed independent journalist armed only with his camera. Taking cues from Fatal Frame and Rec, Outlast stands by the sentiment that monsters always look creepiest behind the dim glow of a camera screen.



Daylight (Zombie Studios)- PC

From indie developers Zombie Studios comes Daylight, a game that’s meant to be played in 30 minutes or less but has endless replay value due to randomly generated settings and AI. You play as a female protagonist who wakes up in an abandoned institution riddled with phantoms and must use the messages that show up on her phone to decipher the criminal past of the hospital and attempt an escape.



Asylum (Senscape)- PC, Mac, Linux

Senscape’s Kickstarter-funded Asylum is a psychological point-and-click adventure thriller that takes place in (where else but) an insane asylum with a mysterious ghoul infestation. It’s the player’s job to navigate corridors and rooms filled with Lovecraftian creatures, and, judging by the teasers and screenshots that have been released, the graphics look pretty stellar. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of content to be seen as of yet, but if you’re looking to get a fix, you can always head over to the website and check out the demo.



Dreadout (Digital Happiness)- PC, Mac, Linux

Another Fatal Frame-inspired survival horror, the teen lead in this third-person ghost story utilizes her modern tech gadgets to capture ghosts. What makes Dreadout unique is the Indonesian twist on the setting and mythical haunts, and if you can’t wait to see what the folks at Digital Happiness have in store for the full version, you can check out the demo on the web site.



Memory of a Broken Dimension (XRA)- PC, Mac

Easily the most avant garde game on the list, Memory of a Broken Dimension is an atmospheric assault on the senses brought to you by Ezra Hansen-White. Though it’s only in demo mode right now, you can play it for free and it comes highly recommended;  the static and glitch world is so disorienting it feels like a whole different kind of horror game.



Until Dawn (Sony Computer Entertainment) PS3

Fans of the teen slasher genre will get a kick out of this raunchy horror adventure, which cleverly utilizes the PlayStation move as a flashlight. In the classic horror setting of adolescents in the woods just trying to get it on, PS3 gamers will be able to dodge fearsome killers in what’s sure to be a fun game to play with friends.



Routine (Lunar Software)- PC

Separate from monsters, ghosts, zombies and murderers, Routine sets out to capture a different kind of fear- the kind you experience while alone in space. Players explore an abandoned moon base in this first-person sci fi horror in order to discover the dismal fate of the rest of the ship’s crew. There’s a real emphasis on the environment in Routine, as traps and hazards are frequent and randomized — oh, and there’s a little thing called “perma death,” which means no health packs, no extra lives, and the story reboots if you happen to die. Talk about high tension.



Did we miss any horror games you’re looking forward to in the coming year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hafeez says:

    I love to play Horror Games and they and just awesome.

  2. Mume says:

    For me,top 3. scariest games are :
    1.Amnesia:The Dark Descent

  3. Makenzie says:

    Dude? What’s the scariest game you’ve ever played? ~curious~

  4. Maxwell horr says:

    I look at Routine and I see it just as scary as outlast, can get in your head like slender, and the uniqueness of the game its self.
    I must play it.

  5. Marc Krevitz says:

    I love outlast!!!!!! literally dyeing to play it

  6. X3 says:


  7. winter angel says:

    looks some of these games r good to try . but i am wondering about the game obscure i played the 1 and 2 part the aftermath , i hope if they release the 3th part ?!?!! i loved that game very much .

  8. llexling says:

    Try vapour its the scaryest game i ever played !

  9. Gopi says:

    Dead Space
    Clive barker undying(Old but nice)

  10. SilentFreak says:

    biollante44 go hang yourself -_-

  11. biollante44 says:

    Wheres scp containment breach on this list?

  12. Sarah Cooper says:

    Someone suggested these games to me and they look so freaking awesome 😀

  13. malek says:

    shit i never go to sleep the night

  14. mussvenom says:

    you must play AMNESIA and tell me what you thik

  15. robert says:


  16. ta.a. says:

    No Last Crown? that’s a pity.

  17. rhon kevin says:

    u forget dying light an awesome game, breath taking

  18. Mako says:

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a huge letdown. Some parts were a little scary, but not worth recommending. Then I got to some dumbass puzzle where you had to turn wheels and lower chains to certain heights, and I couldn’t get it to work even WITH a walkthrough. It just stopped being fun and I deleted it.

  19. lovehorror says:

    Guys, does enyone know how can i download Asylum game? If u have some link, please share, i must play this game, love it sooooo much!! :)))

  20. Rob says:

    @Bob: There could NEVER be a horror game like that. An adventure-type of game, maby. But no way that a developer whould use a REAL IRL place that isn’t horror in that manner. But in a completely different way..

    And the reason for this is quite simple; The things that acctually took place in example Auschwitz. Is THE MOST GRUESOME WAY WE AS HUMANS CAN THINK OF.. And I don’t believe no one can make a place like that “scarrier” and if they could, they shouldn’t. Cause u don’t “play” or exploit certain things. Certain situations and/or certain events and places. It is unethical and morally wrong.

    What if someone whould make a survival-horror game based on what happened on Utöja in Norway? It could be a GREAT HORROR GAME! Running around an isle and try to hide from a psychopathic killer.. But the “disgustingsness” of playing it, whould be greater than the enjoyment of being “game-scared”.

    So no. Games that exploits places like Auschwitz for example.. Will never happend. (And that is a GOOD thing..).

    And BTW.. There is a horror-game that takes place in Chernobyl! Cannot remember the name though..

  21. wassim asaad says:

    realy it’s all bad games ….you just need to run away and make missions ..wethout killing to mutch …people need to kill somthing.

  22. Bob says:

    Well, in my opinion, they should make a game that explores the history behind a certain location, such as Chernobyl, or any other place that experienced a lot of sadness (Like Auschwitz). The point of the game should be to gather some facts (real ones), and in them should be clue that could help you complete the game. As for the antagonist, maybe something paranormal, mostly because that is something we as humans do not fully understand as of yet, and can do absolutely nothing to defend ourselves from. Attention game developers: Spend the majority of your time figuring out what makes a person scared, and then amplify that to your fullest extent. Games are not that scary (Dead Space 3, for example), and the same thing with movies.

  23. Belinda says:

    The best Horror games i did play was on PS 2 Project Zero and on PS 3 I did like Resident Evil 4 very good story but I did not play other good Horror games up to date……………….15/08/2013

  24. Dr.Bombay says:

    What I find slightly annoying is that a large percentage of these new games seems to be of the ’empty scares’ genre, exemplified by Amnesia.

    A good horror game should have a strong story and a good atmosphere, it should not consist of cheap scares alones. On the contrary, Amnesia-like games are like emotional(fear) porn – they deliver the emotion of fear without any substance behind it.

  25. Pannie says:

    So hardcore<3

  26. AKevinO says:

    Dead Space 1 and 2. the third one isent as good. Amnesia The Dark Descent. Slender. Silent hill. resident evil 4. my favorites 🙂

  27. SLoppypoooo says:


  28. Cindy says:

    Its Awsome!

  29. Nick says:

    amnesia the dark descent is the scariest game i ever played

  30. Patrick says:

    If i was good at making games i would make sort of blair with project or something. Like a team who heard stories about the forrest or hostpital and they went out too shoot a movie. And the game is based on making a movie that will scare the shit out of you 😀

  31. Fuck yeah!!!! Hell yeah!!!! Bullshit yeah!!!! Fuck you yeah!!!!

  32. abishek says:


  33. bugjuice says:

    Im sorry to say any fatalframe are the scariest to date. Siren and silent hill come in 2, 3. Original Resident evil and the part 4 were hands dow the best. But right now began playing dead space ao lets see how that rates.?

  34. Andyrew says:

    Dead space

  35. joe says:


  36. Dreamer says:

    Woow !! cool !! thanks 😀 i love horror games yehhh !! thank you..i’m so exciting ^^ !! thanks..

  37. kitty says:


  38. honeybelle says:

    i don’t like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. SoreMihalache says:

    pfffff it isnt a horror game

  40. Prizcha Willary says:

    You must try to play DREAD OUT from indonesia
    i hope u havent any “Heart attack” after play this game 😀
    haha 12+
    keep reach from children *Notification*

  41. Budi says:

    Dreadout Indonesian Survival Horror,,,,
    Best Ever !!!

  42. beata says:

    best games ever!

  43. aishwarya prakash says:


  44. its really a fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. gago ako says:

    ang panget po nyan weak!

  46. J Sherman says:

    Waiting for Fortnite on PC

  47. PoddSocks says:

    slender the arrival.. hrmm might have to check this out

  48. AW says:

    Might not come this year, but looks really interesting:

    Among the Sleep