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Tony Stark Gambles Away Vast Fortune

I took this in Vegas a couple of days ago. So sad. Who woulda thought you could blow a billion dollars at Imperial Palace?

Still, this is a potentially sweet viral campaign for Under Armour. “The ARMOR that’s UNDER the suit…” or some shit like that.

#Draperized #hashtaggingoutsideoftwitter


  1. one man wolfpack says:

    some people just cant handle vegas

  2. Danilo says:

    This might be the back of Rhodey’s head?

  3. Coconutphone says:

    LOL Fantastic. Oh Tony I hope you dind’t fall off the wagon too :(

  4. Andrew says:

    He’s not broke, just on another bender.

  5. Magnoliafan says:

    It does seem logical that Iron Man would be carrying an Under Armour bag.

  6. Kyle says:

    I wish it was a bit more clear, I’d love to see this turn into a Sad Keanu meme.

  7. Matt says:

    Hashtagging outside of twitter should be tumblr

  8. Furnock says:

    #onlyinvegas would Pauly D ‘walk’ away with Stark’s Iron Man suit. Probably heading to Pawn Stars to sell it for bronzer money.

  9. rebecca says:

    i love that you are hashtagging outside of twitter.. i find myself doing the same thing. :)

  10. Kiala Kazebee says:

    I #hashtag everywhere. I even did it on the memo line of a check the other day. #ihatepayingrent

  11. Stacy says:

    I love Vegas. Only in Vegas will you see Jesus carrying a cross while you grab the call girl ads…. or homeless Tony Stark.