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Tony Scott, 1944–2012

Director Tony Scott died Sunday, the circumstances being already all over the media and the internet. It’s obviously tragic news, and while we send condolences to his family (including, of course, brother Ridley), it’s also a time to remember his work, which included such disparate films as The Hunger, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, True Romance, Man on Fire, and Unstoppable. He had been ticketed to make a movie version of Nemesis and a sequel to Top Gun, but those didn’t happen; he co-produced Prometheus and a lot of television, too, partnered with his brother in Scott Free Productions. UPDATE: It’s now being reported that he had an inoperable brain tumor. Just more terrible news. (TMZ says that his family denies the cancer report, but as of Monday night, ABC News is sticking with it)

These videos are interviews he did in recent years, the above one from about a year ago for Digital Spy about the Nemesis project and the other with David Poland on Unstoppable.

And there was this:

And this:


In the U.S., the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is at 1-800-273-8255.

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  1. Dan says:

    This was the first post I read about his death that wasn’t about why he did it. Instead, it was a nice homage to his life. Much props.

  2. Matt Grandis says:

    Terrible, terrible news. My deepest condolences.

  3. sean1966 says:

    I simply can’t believe this….I picked on him in my posts, but it was all in fun. Tony was my favorite director.