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Tom Kenny Added to Nerdist Podcast Live 7/28!

Get yer tix here!

Nerdist Poster art courtesy of Node Warrior DANIEL SPELLMAN.


  1. Jony says:

    The new Thundercats, it was ok, for me a little more esopnxian on the Thundercat universe,(or as I like to call it the Lorimar Universe Thundercats, Silverhawks, and Tigersharks), If you watch the episodes there’s one especially that links all three together. I am not going to say which you can call it an Easter Egg if you will. I won’t Major Spoil it. Again Rodrigo’s assessment of the Thundercats, I would give it 4.5 slices of meatloaf. I know it’s difficult to get someone who has never seen the original Thundercats or was introduced maybe just with an issue or so of Marvel Star Comic line. When you watch it especially those who play D&D will see alot of the same mixing of Tolken and Sci-Fi that are popular and played as I have listened to in the Critical Hit Podcasts The original Thundercats, similar mixing but had more esopnxian(130 episodes) with the new series so far 13 episodes it a start but as a success I hope even though most of the cartoons in prime time it seems have to move the toys and other merchandise. I hope that it does better than the He-Man 2000-02 run, but with Cartoon Network one never really know for sure.

  2. Patrick Collins says:

    I know these live podcasts have a home at Largo, but have you considered giving Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle a try? Maybe do a live Nerdist/Smod together?

  3. Kijan says:

    i’m so excited! I saw Tom and Phil Lamarr on the cartoon panel yesterday. I ran out of nerdist stickers! People loved your nerdist shirts! Hope I fulfilled my marketing duties : )

  4. SWEEEET!!!! A voice-over artist, perfect for a podcast.