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Tom Hanks Waxes Poetic About “Full House,” Man

Fresh off his tour de force performance on the Nerdist Podcast and days before Cloud Atlas hits a screen near you (saw it, and, yeah, definitely worth seeing), here’s Tom Hanks the other night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon doing a “slam poem” about a truly worthy subject: Full House. You will never watch a Full House rerun again without thinking of this. (You probably weren’t planning to watch a Full House rerun, come to think of it. This is better, anyway.)

“Help me, Gibler!” Like, crazy, man. Strictly Tannersville.

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  1. Nich Hustler says:

    Aidan I am in full agreement. I have always been a fan of his acting though and Cloud Atlas, wow to see him in a scifi… I cannot wait…

  2. Aidan D'Aoust says:

    Tom Hanks has become my favourite person, these last few weeks.

  3. Nicole Stewart says:

    I in fact love Full House and watch the reruns all the time still. Never gets old. This is better though.