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Tom Cruise Acted Out His Film Career with James Corden

Does Tom Cruise just have a knack for picking roles in memorable films, or does his presence in those films make them memorable? Because last night on The Late Late Show, host James Corden (and his amazing staff) helped Cruise reenact some of his most famous parts with a silly, live montage, and boy there are a lot of great, memorable Tom Cruise movies.


From A Few Good Men, to Cocktail, to all the Mission Impossible movies, to Tropic Thunder, to Rain Man, to Top Gun, to way more than we could possibly list, Cruise sure has made a ton of films that stand out.

And we didn’t even mention Jerry Maguire, with its “show me the money” scene, one of the most iconic in movie history, which makes it really hard to forget about. Especially for Cuba Gooding Jr., who made an unexpected cameo in the montage to take over for Corden in the role that won Gooding Jr. an Oscar.


If you’re wondering about Risky Business, and that scene that arguably launched Cruise’s career, the two ended with it, but they wore pants with their dress shirts. Because after a career as long and as impressive as Cruise’s, you don’t need to appear on screen in your underwear if you don’t want to.

Although doing so would have made this montage even more memorable.

What’s your favorite Tom Cruise movie? What other performance of his do you wish they included here? Cruise into our comments section below and let us know.

Images: CBS

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