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TOKYOPOP: Cosplay Friday #12



If this week’s edition of Cosplay Friday is any indication, 2013 is off to a spectacularly costumed start! From a killer Magi group to a truly monstrous treatment of marine life to the best amphibious assassin in the galaxy, we’ve got a little something for everyone this week. Enough chit-chat, eh? You came here to see some seriously rad cosplay, after all.



This Magi cosplay group from Animé Los Angeles by’s Akusesu is spellbindingly good.



Sorry, what was that? When did you get here? I’ve been staring at Malindachan’s Journey cosplay for three days straight. What year is it? Why do I have this great bushy beard?


Don’t even try telling Kerrigan (Starcraft) that she requires more vespene gas, because this Queen of Cosplay Blades will blow up your spot faster than you can say “Nuclear Launch Detected.”


Hide yo pets, hide yo wife because Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) is turnin’ everybody into robotic monsters all up in here.


Yeah, yeah, Hatsune Miku is great and all, but sometimes you’ve got to give it up for the other Vocaloids like Megurine Luka here, brought to life by the lovely Ocwajbaum.


This is a phenomenal portrait of Ariel and Melody (The Little Mermaid) until you realize that Flounder is going to die. PUT HIM BACK IN THE WATER, YOU MONSTERS.


400 channels and nothing to watch. What a minute – this isn’t my TV; it’s Haruko (FLCL) via Chinasaur and it looks like she’s about to pull a guitar out of the back of her head.


EXCLUSIVE: a rare outtake from Nathan Drake’s (Uncharted) Chanel No. 5 commercial.


No one pulls off a soul-sucking succubus like Elin-Kuzunoha and her excellent Morrigan (Darkstalkers) cosplay.


Holy shit – it’s Thane Krios (Mass Effect 2/3) and he looks incredible. Storm1822 is insane in the membrane, insane in the Thane! Okay, sorry, you were right, that was too much.

What do you think? Quemment below and let us know! Got some hot cosplay tips or someone you think should be featured? Quemment or drop me a line on Twitter! Want even more content like this? Get the TOKYOPOP newsletter delivered to your inbox!

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