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Tokyo Stormtrooper got the Flow

Danny Choo gets down and with CGI goodness it goes to a whole new level of awesome.


  1. jrizzle says:

    that mix is by mint royale, who i fucking looove. they’ve got a badass vid featuring noel fielding of mighty boosh fame. listen to them people!

  2. Danny Damore says:

    They would need more than 2!

  3. Bizzarojoel says:

    I wonder if breakdancing midget stormtroopers could have saved “Attack of the Clones”

  4. dragoncores says:

    Tune in next time for the clone troopers dance O MY GOD NOT ANOTHER BUS!!!! WHERE DO THEY KEEP COMING FROM!!!! *SPLAT*

  5. ohsnap says:

    so you cant embed a youtube clip in comments? the url is

  6. ohsnap says:

    Pssh! I’ll see your Stormtrooper dance routine and raise you one Spider-man swing dance routine!

  7. raafi says:

    Just made my day. Thanks.

  8. I don’t think I could ever need this much attention.

  9. Genepete says:

    This was, in the immortal words of our own Mr. Hardwick, AMAZING! Thanks for making my day!