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Today We Learned #44: April Richardson Returns
Episode 44: Today We Learned
April Richardson Returns
Today We LearnedToday We Learned

Today We Learned #44: April Richardson Returns

By popular demand, today the hilarious April Richardson (Go Bayside, Chelsea Lately) returns to the studio to help the guys find out how you can steal a beach, who really owns the Seattle Mariners, the origin of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the surprisingly medieval official state sport of Maryland, and much more.

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  1. Niue says:

    If your guest says they don’t care about the topic your talking about at all (aka Soccer), why do you go on talking about it? and explaining little details about it? If you wanna give a fun fact  Just get on to the fun fact and don’t bore your guest with boring stuff she is clearly not interested in.

  2. kyle_wm says:

    I am cracking up about the characterization of emacs as “secret games on your Mac”