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Today We Learned #24: Ryan Sickler
Episode 24: Today We Learned
Ryan Sickler
Today We LearnedToday We Learned

Today We Learned #24: Ryan Sickler

What are Spaniards adding to their red wine? Why can certain people taste colors and smell sounds? What year is it? Find out the answer to all of this and more as Ryan Sickler (The CrabFeast, stand-up comedy) joins the guys in the studio. Today’s episode is brought to you by TeeFury, so be sure to check out their awesome pop culture clothing options at!

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  1. Razzle says:

    Dyso, in my defense, I has never heard of the garbage patch until recording this!! Hahah Thanks for listening though!

  2. Toni says:

    I really do love my crappy bookcases I put together myself. They hold all my stuff!

  3. dyso says:

    Today I learned that Razzle and Dan can’t do basic research!

  4. victor says:

    fuck the crabfeast. ★★★★★