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Time Traveler Essentials!

timetravelers cheatsheet

You obviously don’t need this poster if you’re a crazy, wild-eyed scientist who invented the time machine but chances are you’re the hapless lackey who accidentally activates it while fleeing terrorists.

You can either keep it awkwardly folded up in your wallet or purchase its t-shirt version and ALWAYS wear it, you know, just in case.

Both available aquí.

via my brainiac WIRED editor @jetjocko

Image: Topatoco

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  1. Deltus says:

    This is an invaluable resource, but the doubly-named Davad there has a point. Keep the sheet, or shirt, well hidden. It’s your lifeline in the past (inventions = riches). Spend a few days memorizing it, it’ll be worth it.

  2. uM…oKay….you go back in time wearing the T shirt. The “Natives” AKA Human Americans post genocide to present; assuming said time machine adjusts for dialation drift, revolution, rotation, solar winds, dark matter time reversal expansion, universal abdicatory expansion, entropic variables, heisenberg compensation, etc, will likely be able to decipher said outer wear, realize you are a charlitan, and evecerate you after coming to their primitive yet keen senses. My suggestion? Period clothes and wear it inside out.

  3. Darryl Glen says:

    Blast! I was definitely gonna order a shirt until I saw it was white on brown, rather than the black and red on white. Still, this thing is amazing and I love it. 😀