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Time Lapse Shows the View From REAR WINDOW in 3 Minutes

Time Lapse Shows the View From REAR WINDOW in 3 Minutes

Alfred Hitchcock was known as the “Master of Suspense.” When it comes to film theory and criticism, it’s hard to find a director who is more analyzed and dissected than him. Many of his films have still stood the test of time and are still remembered and heavily regarded today. The 39 Steps was turned into a Broadway musical, and Academy Award Best Picture winner Rebecca and continuous-single-shot thriller Rope are remembered for the director’s infamous battles with Hollywood mogul David O. Selznick. North by Northwest has the glam, Psycho has the gore, The Birds has “the girl,” and Vertigo has reemerged favorably over the last few decades and is now considered by some to be Hitch’s finest film.

While I love all of the titles that I’ve already listed, there is something so wonderful about Rear Window. The film almost serves as a time capsule for the 1950s: Everything from the apartments to the characters to the costumes to the suspense perfectly preserves the time period. Rear Window’s atmosphere is so successful that every time I watch the movie, I can feel the summer heat of those New York City nights. And, of course, I can’t forget Grace Kelly. For an actress who is remembered for her refined look and her perfectly-put-together nature, she is so dynamic and even approachable in this film. Her portrayal of Lisa Freemont is fun, dynamic and smart. If you haven’t seen Rear Window in a while, treat yourself and give it a watch!

Just in case my love love letter to the 1954 classic hasn’t gotten you excited enough, perhaps Jeff Desom’s incredible video will. Desom was able to digitally combine all of the footage showing what Jimmy Stewart was looking at in (and from) Rear Window into one crazy time lapse. Trust us, it is definitely worth the three minutes!