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Tickets On Sale For Chris Hardwick In London May 15th

LondonEyeNerdistMembers of the Nerdist community in the U.K.: Chris Hardwick is coming. Wait, let me say that again with more emphasis. CHRIS HARDWICK IS COMING! To London, that is. Not… oh, you know what I mean. He’s on his way to regale you with his stand-up comedy, and we have the details right here.

Tickets have gone on sale for Chris at the Leicester Square Theatre in London (England, not Ontario. Don’t make me explain EVERYTHING) for a show at 10 pm on Wednesday, May 15th. You can get your tickets right this very minute by clicking here. You will want to do that. And that’s everything I know for now — May 15th, 10 pm, Leicester Square Theatre, tickets here. Get ‘em now.


  • Would be great to see chris, but as much as i’d love to come, the ticket site wont let me buy a single ticket as it would “leave a single seat”

    Maybe it’ll let me have one when they’ve sold an odd number of tickets….if they allow such a thing to happen.

    I know this is beyond Chris’s control, so please don’t mistake it for a complaint or trollery, I’ll contact the venue/the company who deal with tickets and see if i can find a solution.

    Hope to see you soon Chris!

  • ^ all is good, i got a ticket. Maybe its because originally i was going for a front row ticket and they want the front row to be full, not splintered by the presence of a lonesome fool like me :D

  • I humbly apologise that the first comment on this long awaited fabulous news is me being whiny.

    I’m afraid that the thought of being denied a ticket rendered me incapable of rational thought, as can be seen where i suggest that the theatre would not allow for an odd number of tickets to be sold.

    That is not the thought of a man who knows the whereabouts of his marbles.

  • Wish I could afford to go but London costs too much for me to get to at the moment. Hopefully chris might come to other places in England clsoer to myself.