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Episode 127: Thrilling Adventure Hour
Sparks Nevada, Marshal on…
Thrilling Adventure HourThrilling Adventure Hour

Thrilling Adventure Hour #127: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, “Wanted Men”

Starring Marc Evan Jackson as Sparks Nevada and Mark Gagliardi as his faithful Martian companion, Croach the Tracker. Also starring Annie Savage as the Marshal’s Station AI; Jason Ritter as Alloy Roy; Busy Philipps as the Red Plains Rider; Craig Cackowski as local yokel Felton; and Joshua Malina as the Barkeep.

Recorded April 6, 2013.

Photo by Liezl Estipona


  1. Murray says:

    Yeah, Red! But don’t pick Sparks! Cactoid Jim is waiting for you!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Dammit, Red, pick one already!

  3. Andrea Aka Fred says:

    Yay! I always love it when I see a new “Sparks” up 😀