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This Week at NerdMelt Showroom: Walking the Room, Sean Conroy and Kyle Kinane’s Incubator, and more!

NerdMelt Showroom

As we roll into the last week before Christmas, the NerdMelt Showroom has some great shows, so treat yourself, friends, and family to some amazing. You’ve been good. You’ve earned it. This week Walking the Room and Sean Conroy and Kyle Kinane’s the Incubator both return, along with The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian!

Saturday from 7-11pm it’s SUPER*Market Nightmarket: Get Merry, Get Shopping!

Supermarket NerdMelt Showroom

Bubble Punch, Meltdown Comics, and Nerdist Showroom present SUPER*Market, a one stop shopping experience for nerdy holiday gifts in a rollickin’ party atmosphere! Along with hunting for awesome swag, guests can also party down with live entertainment, refreshments, a free raffle every hour, and a chance to mix and mingle with other colorful and fun patrons in the holiday spirit under the night sky. SUPER*Market vendors will specialize in the bright, geeky, girly, and super-unique. Jewelry, art, unique clothing, and second hand goods will all be sold all in one place at this fashionably nerdy event.


Sunday is Nerdist Open Mic!

The Nerdist Open Mic NerdMelt Showroom

Come watch Matt Mira and Paul Cibis host this comedy free-for-all. You’ll see brand new comics, comics you know and love trying out new material (Chris Hardwick and Kumail Nanjiani are frequent drop ins), and the magic that is live comedy.


Monday is the Incubator!

The Incubator NerdMelt Showroom

Sean Conroy and Kyle Kinane present the Incubator, a comedy showcase where seasoned comedians try out brand new material for the very first time. Kind of like an open mic but without all the uncomfortable silence, crickets, and yawning.

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Tuesday at 7pm is Walking the Room Live Xmas Cuddle!

Walking the Room NerdMelt Showroom

The Walking The Room Podcuddle goes live for this once in a lifetime holiday special featuring Aimee Mann not singing and Jonah Ray not enjoying himself while hosts Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony shout over each other!


Tuesday at 9pm is Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction NerdMelt Showroom

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is a comedy show (and soon-to-be podcast) founded in Seattle, created & hosted by Bryan Cook. Each event features 10 comics, writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based on their whims or audience suggestions. It’s really stupid.

This week’s star-studded lineup features Rory Skovel, Kevin Biggins, Chuck Watkins, Matt McCarthy, Will Weldon, Dax Jordan, Richard Bain, Danny Solomon, Nate Craig & Beth Stelling!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Wednesday is The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail!

Our weekly popular standup show, hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, hosts the best standups in the country as well as the amazing acts you haven’t heard of quite yet but should! Plus there’s original art each week, surprise drop-ins, and sometimes a puppy!

This week catch John Roy, Baron Vaughn, Justin Willman, Kevin Biggins & Howard Kremer!


Thursday at 7:30pm is The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian!

The Dork Forest NerdMelt Showroom

The Dork Forest is THE podcast that features Dork-on-Dork Dialog with comedian and host Jackie Kashian. She is interested in whatever dorky thing folks want to talk about. Guests speak to their love of books, TV, movies, comic books, websites, food, wrestling, cars, action figures and bees. There is room for all in The Dork Forest. This is a safe space.

December’s guest is Bil Dwyer! Bil loves GOLF. Why? How? Where? Everywhere? For how long? What the hell? He’s hilarious anyway… so it’s gonna be something.


Thursday at 9pm is RISK! Storytelling Show!

Risk NerdMelt Showroom

RISK! is the show where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. Stories they’d normally only tell to close friends. At the RISK! Live shows, the brightest stars of TV, film and literature drop their usual act and show a side of themselves you’ve never seen before.

In December, the topic of “‘Tis The Season!” will be touched upon by Aisha Tyler, Guy Branum, Adam Lustick , Margot Leitman and Matt Mira! And as always, RISK! is hosted by Kumail Nanjiani.

$8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the showroom. Follow us on Twitter and track us on our blog for more info about any of these shows!

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