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This ORPHAN BLACK Teaser Makes Next Week’s Episode Look Absolutely Insane


If you’re anything like us, you likely thought Saturday’s most recent episode of Orphan Black was a total killer (understatement much? Ha!). But it looks like that was merely the tip of the iceberg in the world of crazy antics. Because the trailer for next week’s installment, hoo boy, leads us to believe us Clone Clubbers are in for an even crazier, more terrifying ride.

How is that even possible?!

Here’s how: there’s Rachel having a goddamn meltdown, crying squarely into the camera’s eye. And a concerned Delphine speculating on the sudden death of Aldous Leekie — whom Rachel had told her had died “suddenly” of a heart attack. Oh Jeez. But wait! Because the worst is yet to be: namely, Cosima’s terrifying-looking, bloody seizure. Oh no no no no no no! This is the pinnacle of “not good,” you guys. Not good at all. To say nothing of the fact that this doesn’t include a peek at Helena, Sarah, or Kira, which only serves to amplifies the nerves.

And as if that weren’t already enough (it’s enough! It’s enough! Please, we’re dying), the 30-second clip teases reemergence of the Elizabeth Childs mystery. Is her connection to the Clone Club coming back into focus? It looks like Angie is going deeper and deeper into the now-deadly clonespiracy. Homegirl better be careful, though, because right now her trajectory reads like a death wish.

Man, these guys really know the definition of “teaser” over at BBC America, huh? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  1. meant2be says:

    I think I am going to be very sad when this season is over.

  2. Hal says:

    Wait, didn’t they run that same trailer as a preview at the end of the previous episode? 

  3. Jordan says:

    More Helena!