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This ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 1 Recap Video is Dizzyingly Impressive

This ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 1 Recap Video is Dizzyingly Impressive

Oh those kooky Fine Brothers and their infinitely impressive videos of teens, YouTubers, and old people reacting to things. They also have a bevy of video recap videos, like this one for Netflix’s Orange is The New Black. Which is handy considering the series is set to return on Friday, June 6th (which is ohmygosh so soon so soon ahhhhh).

Now we understand there may have been a reason or two why you or someone you love may have missed one of last year’s most talked-about and acclaimed new series. Sometimes the cat runs out of food and you have to go to the store; maybe you hate the color orange; maybe you hate good things and episodic series; or maybe you’re one of those few weirdos that didn’t (at the time) have a Netflix password to use at your leisure. Whatever the case may be — or even if you just need a refresher: binge-watching can make it hard to remember details, after all — this video’s got you covered in one single take in under 7 minutes.

Not that we feel as though it needs to be said (you’re smarter than all of that, we just know it), but a word to the spoilerphobes just in case: this video has ’em! All of ’em, in fact, so if you want to remain clueless as to what happened in Season 1 of Orange is The New Black then we suggest you don’t press play on this! Or at least don’t get mad at us when you realize what you did.

Who here’s excited for June 6th? Let’s talk about it in the comments, inmates.


  1. ColinJ says:

    So is this what they call ‘native advertising’?
    I love that show, by the way.

  2. Alex C says:

    I’m excited for June 6, but mostly because it’s my birthday.