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This LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS Movie Parody Video Has the BEST Slimer

This LEGO GHOSTBUSTERS Movie Parody Video Has the BEST Slimer

I ain’t afraid of no ghost — particularly when that ghost is made of LEGOs. Because oh gosh aren’t those minifigs just the cutest? Especially when they’re fighting off ghosts in a fan-made homage to that ’80s classic, Ghostbusters? Obviously theirs are not ghosts that offend, but rather delight with their blockheaded ways and generally childlike demeanor. Aww, you guys!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters’ initial trip into the cinematic world, YouTube user MonsieurCaron made an adaptation of using everyone’s favorite colorful bricks — something that’s become one of our favorite things the Internet does. “With the LEGO Ideas set 21108 that came out this year,” MonsieurCaron explained, “I had to do a brickfilm to make the Ecto-1 shine again.”

Outside of the direct retelling, there are a lot of fun, blink and you’ll miss ’em references to some other films of note (did anyone else spot the Quibbler?), as well as a bevy of fun little ghosties — though they admittedly deviate from what we remember of the film’s preternatural set (to say the least!). But, perhaps the best part was the ghoulish twist as to whom our buster of ghosts’ Slimer turns out to be.

Added the Monsieur, “I added some famous movie ‘ghosts’ as well as a new one. There is no LEGO ‘Slimer,’ so I found someone else (who eats a lot) to fill in.” You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it (we were clearly of the former ilk). D’oh!

Don’t you wish everything was made of LEGOs sometimes? Let’s discuss how awesome the world would be if it were made of LEGOs in the comments.


  1. Keith says:

    Not just any DeLorean. Marty must be in the area.

  2. Adam says:

    Was that adelorean when they parked?