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This is Officially the Best Thing About the Steam’s 2014 Summer Sale

This is Officially the Best Thing About the Steam’s 2014 Summer Sale

Just like the many Uruk hai unleashed across the face of Middle-earth, the Steam Summer Sale is upon us. And while I’m sure we’re all very excited about getting games dirt cheap, YouTube user Kryos might be responsible for what’s already the best thing to come out of the annual fire sale.

The video below, “Steam Summer Sale 2014,” pits the humans against the bargains. Or I guess, the buyers against rampaging Uruk hai. The analogy is slightly imperfect, but it’s funny.

As for the sale, the first batch of daily deals are out: Klei Entertainment’s survival game Don’t Starve just dropped down to $3.74 (75% off) while Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 loses 25% of its asking price at $37.49. The nine titles in the daily sale are joined by four, eight-hour flash deals including Hotline Miami ($1.49, no you have no excuse not to have it), Mirror’s Edge ($4.99), Dead Island: Riptide ($4.99), and DmC: Devil May Cry ($12.49).

Valve is also adding a meta game to the sale, their “Summer Adventure.” According to the Steam home page, crafting badges will earn you in-game items for supported Steam titles, as well as unlocking team and community rewards. The page also promises free games as part of the bargain. There are 10 Summer Adventure trading cards to collect in order to craft the badge (you can earn cards by spending money and voting on sales’ candidates), and crafting the badge gets you… points.

It’s all very complicated.

So what are you looking forward to during the sale? Any particular titles that you’ve been holding off on buying for the PC until it got a big discount? And what about Sony and Microsoft – when will they respond with bargain basement sales for titles on their digital storefronts?

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  1. as soon as I get Hotline Miami it goes on sale. Just my luck