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This Is How You Mash-Up ARROW and STAR WARS

This Is How You Mash-Up ARROW and STAR WARS

The CW’s Arrow does a lot of things right, and they particularly excel at fight choreography and execution. Stunt coordinator James Bamford is very good at his job. One of the more impressive battles of the current season took place in episode 19, “The Man Under the Hood.” Deathstroke brought the fight to Oliver’s doorstep and battled all of Team Arrow from Oliver to Sarah.

YouTuber Dave Jones wondered how much more epic the scene would be if it had lightsabers and Star Wars music, and as it turns out, the additions make an awesome fight even better. I’m sure none of you are surprised to hear this.

Jones did a tremendous job, and even Stephen Amell complimented his work. It’s not just the solid effects for the lightsabers and blasters and layering in the quotes from the films, it’s all the little touches that sell the mash-up. Jones wrote a crawl for goodness’ sake, and it starts the same way each episode of Arrow begins: “My name is Oliver Queen…” Plus, he gets gold stars for incorporating the Wilhelm scream. I could do without the Ewok, but it’s his mash-up, not mine.

He didn’t state how long it took him to create the video, but he had to pour a considerable amount of time into the project. He used tools such as Blender, Illustration, and After Effects to make the magic happen, and he even rendered the mouse droid and R2-D2 himself before he composited them into the battle. Impressive. Most impressive.

What do you think about lightsabers and Ewoks in Arrow? Jump to the comments and let us know.

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  1. BigRockDJ says:

    The video is also available on Vimeo since YouTube has blocked it in some countries:

  2. Thanks! It was a fun project and took about 15 hours total to make.