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This GAME OF THRONES-Inspired Makeup Would Make Any Khaleesi Swoon

This GAME OF THRONES-Inspired Makeup Would Make Any Khaleesi Swoon

This particular author may not be one for cosplay, but she IS one for delightfully inspired make-up and the like.. which is exactly why we’re swooning over these Game of Thrones-inspired make-up looks. Any lady of the Great Houses would be honored to don such a look — don’t you think?

Giving 9 of those myriad houses from the world of Westeros a glossy, glamorous look, New Zealand-based make-up artist Allison Chase gleaned her inspiration from the sigils, house words, and even a few book details to craft it all together. Like that blue rose — we won’t explain/spoil you with the significance, TV watchers — oh, it hurts! Be still our hearts.

It’s hard to pick just which one is our favorite — they’re all so gilded and beautiful — but we’re personally obsessed with the badassery on display for House Greyjoy, to say nothing of how cool those Baratheon horns look… aaaaaand we’re sort of super-keen on the gold filigree that House Tyrell has on display. And that’s not even taking into consideration how gut-churningly good her flayed man work is for House Bolton (I mean yuck, right?). Gah! It’s so hard to choose, isn’t it?

Take a look for yourself, though — there’s plenty to be awestruck by in the images below. Double click to make ’em all big-like, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Which look is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.


  1. Jack says:

    Bolton looks perfect tbh

  2. I think that House Stark falls short. Doesn’t look wolf-ish or fierce as the others.

  3. legeekette says:

    I actually really like the House Targaryen makeup… it’s striking and strong yet sensual in an untouchable, breaker-of-chains-khaleesi-esque sort of way. Plus, I could actually see myself wearing that makeup. I also like the House Greyjoy, if only for that GORGEOUS lip coloring but I feel like I wouldn’t like it as much if you took away the eye patch and white “blind eye.” I don’t really care too much for the House Stark look here, much as I wish I did… It’s way too soft for a house with the words “Winter is Coming.” However, I must concede that the shading and blending they used for it is quite lovely.