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Things Get Hardcore in the Latest Promo for GOTHAM

Things Get Hardcore in the Latest Promo for GOTHAM

Being knee deep in the summer movie season, it’s easy to forget that a whole slew of excellent television series are gearing up for their fall premieres in September, and of the bunch, one of the anticipated is Fox’s Batman prequel, Gotham. Most recently, we got our first look at the series in the form of an excellent feature-length trailer, and now we get an all new, bass heavy promo courtesy of Fox for the upcoming comic book series:

We gotta be honest, any trailer that utilizes A Perfect Circle’s “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums” gets an instant A in our book, but it’s also nice that this trailer’s delivering on the solid tone of the series without getting heavy on spoilers.

We can’t say right now how good the series will be, but we can say that it looks gorgeous. It’s refreshing to see the series carving out its own style in the library of Batman adaptations. It’s not Burton, it’s not Nolan, it’s not even Bruce Timm. This is an entirely new look at the city of Gotham, and even better, the series has a real timeless look about it. The criminals we see feel modern, but Gordon and Bullock feel like they were plucked out of a ’20s gangster movie. There’s a lot to like about that.

What do you think of this latest look at Fox’s Gotham? Are you looking forward to the series? Let us know in the comments below.