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These Stackable Kirbys Are Triple Deluxe Adorable

These Stackable Kirbys Are Triple Deluxe Adorable

Get ready to squeal like a school girl after you see these stackable Kirbys that are just too dang adorable!

Created by toy manufacturer Ensky, these are small stackable Kirbys that are part of a new line featuring Nintendo’s adorable pink ball. The set will release in Japan on July 25 for about $23. If there’s anyone who lives there and would like to grab me a pillowcase-full, I’d highly appreciate it!

Take a look at the all the adorable below:

I can’t decide which Kirby to fawn over more, the wittle sleeping one or the sad-faced one. Which of the figures is your favorite? Share your favs in the comments below.

HT: Tiny Cartridge


  1. Please let us know if this ever comes to the USA… I must haves :3