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These GAME OF THRONES Transit Maps Make Westerosi Travel Look Like a Breeze

These GAME OF THRONES Transit Maps Make Westerosi Travel Look Like a Breeze

Sure, people may laugh at us for the next statement, but it’s true: there’s something equally magical and nonsensical about public transportation. And verdamnit, that’s why we love it. The way it operates, the nonsensical nature of some of its lines, the sights, the smells, and the way in which it always seems to attract the more colorful among us. Like elsewhere in A Song of Ice and Fire, anything can happen on public transit. Perhaps that’s why we love graphic designer Michael Tyznik’s maps for an imaginary (duh) Westeros Transit Authority. And by using a bit of travel-y knowhow, he’s actually managed to help make a bit more sense of the connections and expansive nature of the whole of the Known Realm of Game of Thrones.

Tyznik mapped out continent as if it were a more metropolitan and modern place by cleverly connecting (or disconnecting!) the major towns and cities of interest in Westeros and Essos via the use of subway lines, waterways, and walking paths — all of which imbue in it a bit more of the political and economical strife happening in the lands at the moment. From the thin blue lines to represent waterway access to the all-out-of-service line along The Wall, each choice reflects the book’s devastating machinations in exactly the same way you’d imagine a, say, rich and blissfully unaware urban planner might. Several lines are even closed for construction (i.e. Valyria) because, well, they’re pretty much decimated swaths of land because of things like The Doom. Man oh man, magical warring has crazy effects on intercontinental travel.

Double click the images below to get a better look at the maps and their details.

Fans of public transportation and George R.R. Martin’s magical world would do well to reach for their wallets, too, because guess what? These two maps are available in purchasable print form right here, right now! How’s that for service, eh?

What line would you prefer to live off of? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: Fast Company