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There’s More SLEEPY HOLLOW Coming Your Way In Season Two

There’s More SLEEPY HOLLOW Coming Your Way In Season Two

With upfront week only days away, the big four-plus-one (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW) are busy making preparations for the fall slate. Left and right, shows are getting picked up and cancelled, and it seems even shows that are already locked for next season are making waves. Today, that headline-creating show is Sleepy Hollow.

The Kurtzman/Orci produced drama about an American Revolutionary soldier who travels through time to 2013 was quick to build an audience in its freshman season, so quick, in fact, that Fox opted to break from tradition and follow a cable model by renewing the show for a 13-episode season two only a few weeks into airing. But with an upcoming slate that now includes the recently green-lit Gotham, Fox wants to get everything it can out of the supernatural drama.

Today, the network announced the series’ episode order for season two has been expanded to fifteen, which could be expanded again to eighteen before the dust settles. Five extra weeks for the adventures of Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills sounds like a win in our book, not to mention it means five extra weeks of watching Ichabod try to understand modern living.

“We look at this series as epic and every episode as needing to be epic,” said executive producer Mark Goffman. “Every episode needs to be an adventure, and something mind blowing has to happen to our characters, with major revelations that move the story forward. We still approach it with that in mind. The more episodes you do, the harder that becomes, but I feel we are still at level where we can maintain that pace.”

Sleepy Hollow returns this fall on Fox.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly