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There are 3 Free Ways to Watch ORPHAN BLACK’s Season 2 Premiere

There are 3 Free Ways to Watch ORPHAN BLACK’s Season 2 Premiere

What the Dickens? BBC America really must love you Clone Clubbers and all future clone-lovers to be, because they’ve unleashed onto the world not one, not two, but three — count ’em, 3! — totally free ways to watch the season two premiere of Orphan Black online. That’s right — you have pretty much no excuse at this point, people of the Internet, to get on board with the best new sci-fi show around.

Not only can you download “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” on iTunes (where they also have several other free goodies for you to e-hoard), the series opener is also available to stream or download on Amazon Prime, in addition to the video that’s up on the BBC America website itself. The only way the network could’ve made this easier for you all is if they’d showed up at your house with the episode on a fancy silver platter. And lest you need any more convincing, we’ve included a sneak peek at the episode, below. Now get to stepping and join the sisterhood like no other, already.

Anyone else excited about what’s in store for season two of Orphan Black? Let us hear about it in the comments.


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