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THE WOLF AMONG US Season Premiere Launch Trailer

THE WOLF AMONG US Season Premiere Launch Trailer

The masters of episodic game content, Telltale Games, are making their first non-The Walking Dead return this weekend with the premiere of their no-punches-held thriller, The Wolf Among Us. We’ve been crossing our legs in anticipation for this one since Dan gave us a sneak peek at it, and today they’ve released a launch trailer to further send our adrenaline levels through the ceiling. This early look at the upcoming Fables-based game further plunges us into Bill Willingham’s gritty world from the perspective of Bigby Wolf. Needless to say, this game is definitely not going to be for the young nor for the faint of heart. If there are any kids in the room, cover their ears upon proceeding below and pressing play.

The Wolf Among Us will be premiering its first episode on Xbox 360 and PC this Friday for $4.99. The PlayStation 3 version will be hitting on Tuesday, October 15 when the PlayStation Store updates, at the same price. For anyone who desires the full dose of epinephrine The Wolf Among Us has to offer, the season pass is available on the PlayStation 3 version for $19.99 and episodes 2-5 are available on the Xbox 360 for $14.99.

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