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The Wisdom of Ben Franklin

I love Philadelphia.

Image: Chris Hardwick/Nerdist

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

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Did Daisy Ridley Just Confirm [SPOILER] is Rey's Parent?

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  1. Fangie says:

    Here are a few suggestions:Top of the Rock oovsreatbry better view than Empire State building. It is on top of the NBC building and has 360 degree view.Staten Island Ferry inexpensive way to be on the water and see the Statue of Liberty. All you need is a subway card. Super cheap and very little wait time.St. Patrick’s Cathedral/Rockefeller CenterWalk up 5th Ave to Central Park the Apple Store is at the corner of 5th and the park entrance. The Original Ray’s PizzaMetropolitan Museum of Art little known fact is that your admission is actually a donation so you can decide how much you want to pay to get in. You can pay as little as a penny.Times Square if you want to see a show inexpensively you can buy 1/2 price tickets at Tckts Tckts which is located in the Marriott Marquis. Little Italy food, gelato and pastries(from Ferrarra).Great breakfast place in Chelsea called Cafeteria.I have maps and can give you more info in you would like. NYC is my favorite place so sorry if this is TMI!

  2. Deltus says:

    Ben was kind of a disgusting lecherous dude, as I recall.

  3. Linkus says:

    Only in America can we fart proudly and not be arrested, so go ahead, let her RIP

  4. MarkAvo says:

    YOU LIE!

  5. scott scully says:

    Just think, he was considered a founding father. Times weren’t that different back then.

  6. tyson says: