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The Weasleys Visit Universal’s Wizarding World

The Weasleys Visit Universal’s Wizarding World

We’re flying towards the opening of the Wizarding World expansion at Universal Orlando, and what better way to get a peek at the shops and food than with a tour from the Weasley siblings! Bonnie Wright (Ginny), James Phelps (Fred), and Oliver Phelps (George) boarded the Hogwarts Express yesterday and explored all that Diagon Alley has to offer. They shared their adventures on Instagram and Twitter, and it’s making me feel even more excited to visit Wizarding World to see the additions. Three words: butterbeer ice cream.

The Weasleys started their tour at King’s Cross Station. According to Bonnie Wright, they were welcomed at Platform 9 1/3. It could be accurate, or it could be that she got mixed up. Hey, it’s been a few years since she worked on the Harry Potter films and stood at Platform 9 3/4 to go to Hogwarts.

Weasleys WW 1

They didn’t post any photos from the interior of the Hogwarts Express, but while they were aboard I assume they ordered one of everything from the candy cart and survived an encounter with a Dementor. Once they arrived in Diagon Alley, they stopped by the Knight Bus, enjoyed some refreshments at the Leaky Cauldron restaurant, checked in at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to make sure things were in ship-shape condition, fueled up with butterbeer ice cream from Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor, and finally, they met the goblins inside Gringotts Bank.

The images from the day show that’s there plenty to keep you busy in the new Diagon Alley area – as if you needed any more encouragement to spend money on a two park ticket (Diagon Alley is in Universal Studios separate from Hogsmeade in Universal Islands of Adventure) to see it.

Universal Orlando hasn’t announced the official opening date of Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Express, but a press preview event is taking place on Tuesday, June 17. I’d imagine the general public will be able to access them soon after that.

Leap to the comments and let us know whether you’ll be wrangling a hippogriff to fly into Wizarding World in the near future.

HT: Universal Orlando Instagram and James Phelps


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    Where’s Ron?!