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The Walking Dead Game Trailer

Telltale Games, creators of the Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future adventure games, have dropped the first trailer for The Walking Dead video game.  This short tease sets the right tone, and since Robert Kirkman is actively involved in the development, we can only hope for great things to come.  
The game is going to be released in “episodes,” with the first one taking place in the Atlanta region while Rick is still in a coma, and will follow the comic book story line.  If that teaser was too short for you, check out an interview with the designers of the game below to get your zombie fix.

[via IGN]


  1. Ben Z says:

    That could have been anything. I would like to play a good Walking Dead game, but this trailer doesn’t excite me in anyway. This could be the ad to buy “Walking Dead” the board game (yes there is one) or “Walking Dead” the table-top RPG (now with bonuses for taking the Lori perk, aka being dumb as a box of rocks!).