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‘The Walking Dead.’ Comic-Con Trailer. w00t!

So far I haven’t really subjected you all to my own personal stash of FLAIL! regarding Frank Darabont’s AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics series, but as the fall season is nearly upon us that’s going to change. Starting here – finally, a quality version of the AMAZING trailer they debuted at Comic-Con is online:

Begin nerdgasmic anticipation (if you hadn’t already) right about….NOW. (I will freely admit that I got so verklempt watching this trailer at the con that I cried a bit. Well, and it’s easier to admit to now since I already told The Walking Deadcast and they outed me – hi, Jason!) The 90-min. premiere of The Walking  Dead airs on Halloween (heeeee!) – Sunday, 10/31 at 10 p.m.

Tune in next time for a small grip of most-anticipated fall TV premieres – some new, some returning – of which clearly, this is pretty high up the list.