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Episode 51: The Todd Glass Show
Best-Of Episode
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #51: Best-Of Episode

It’s a special best-of episode! And don’t worry, we only used the best parts.

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  1. Carl Mygind says:

    Sperm is taste good!

  2. WesFX says:

    Only 1 hour 40 minutes?

    Shouldn’t a “best of” for the Todd Glass Show be 60+ hours?

  3. Joshua says:

    I was pretty bummed at the lack of Tom Leykis, Daniel talking about the golden girls, the “Hello? Hello?” bit, and Fake Problems playing “You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up And Dance”! But, otherwise, I loved this episode (even if the ‘did you write this’ part did, indeed, play twice in a row), and hope you do another for episode 100!

  4. Jack says:

    You release a show recorder in a hotel room last week and now a BEST of episode?! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

  5. Hey, Todd, congratulations on the pilot! Hope all goes well! But keep up the podcast!

  6. Overlord says:

    Yes! I knew Juice Bar Genie had to be there. Maybe my favorite moment from the pod and possibly even the best PFT appearance on any pod ever.

  7. Josip Vujcic says:

    A best off without ‘dancing pants’ and the ‘trucker & kid story’!!! Let’s have Best off Vol. 2!

  8. Bo Joyle says:

    Goddamnit! Best of, sonofawonderfulwoman! Nicely done Andrew!

  9. Hank says:

    Congratulations on the pilot Todd! Are you playing a cop?

  10. Danny Boooi says:

    The “Did you write this?” part played twice in a row. But I noticed this wasn’t up earlier on the site so maybe it got fixed and re-uploaded.

  11. John says:

    Hey, didn’t you used to be Todd Glass?