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Episode 28: The Todd Glass Show
Anthony Jeselnik and Jonah…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #28: Anthony Jeselnik and Jonah Ray

Todd starts out the podcast to discuss the week with Sarah Silverman. Then Anthony Jeselnik and Jonah Ray come by to hang out, do some bits and talk some shit.

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  • We were all really tired of that summer home. Your so REAL! I love it! We’re tired of that art in the Vatican. All of it. This is how things change. By being real, by putting things out there. At the correct time. That part helps kids too! No one should feel pushed, because people are mean. It’s the truth. Not all people, but just enough to make life hell for some. Todd your the BEST! I had no idea you could top your ability to cover social issues, and you did. You topped yourself. I cried when I listened to you come out on the Marc Maron pod-cast. I’m truly moved.

  • I love that you guys talked about those people who bulldoze conversations, it always seems to happen with sports followers. Or reality TV fans. Jeselnick and Ray were great with the bits

  • I’m not sure if Todd reads any of these, but I want to address this anyway. I’m a fan of the podcast and of Todd’s stand up, and I’m really happy for him that he came out.

    But I have an issue with the point he brings up a lot about organized religion. I am a Catholic. But I’m also very liberal. Some of the ideals I hold myself to are conservative, but I’d never impose my own ideals on other people. I think people should do whatever they want to, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. I do attend mass, (Though I don’t contribute money because I’m broke) and sometimes a comment or sermon will upset me. But the Catholic Church only opposes homosexuality by doctrine, not dogma, meaning one can be gay and still be Catholic. The opposition merely comes from those with power who have closed minds. And here’s the thing: I believe what I believe, and I won’t let a close-minded reactionary take that from me.

    To use a comparison: I’m American. I support the ideals of America. I love the country. I pay taxes. Do I support war? Capital punishment? The ban on gay marriage? The war on drugs? No, but my tax dollars fund all of those things. I have blood on my hands, because I am an American citizen. Sometimes beliefs have collateral damage.

    Pope John Paul II actually tried to change the Church’s stance on homosexuality and evolution to a much more accepting one, but was dissuaded by the conservative contingent of the Church. If all of us open-minded folks left, any chance of progress will be extinguished. We need to keep attending and keep questioning until we can finally believe what we do without hurting other people.

    I probably made no sense and convinced nobody of anything, but I had to type that.

    Anyway, I love the podcast and the whole Nerdist network.

  • Fuck, capital punishment and ban on gay marriage are state issues. Also, I used “hurt other people” with two completely different denotations. I should probably learn how to make an argument.

  • Dang, Todd, you are one strong person. This week has been incredible. I’ve been right there with you. But not in a creepy way, a nice way. You know, like in spirit.

    And thanks to Marc, eh?

    You know, i hope young people can hear you and absorb some fraction of your energy for the hope and strength until it’s their time to come out.
    Speaking of which, congrats! If that’s not too hokey to say.

    How cool to have Sarah with you this week! I could listen to you guys all day.
    And Spade is still such a cute lil niblet, aint he?

    Keep up the good work.

    (btw, ya kinda turned me on with your Donahue impersonation. thanks.)

  • I listened to every podcast on this network except for Todd’s for a long time until I caught his last appearance on WTF, and I think it may have been entirely because I felt all the cards weren’t on the table, so to speak. Granted, I don’t think the host of a podcast needs to share every aspect of his/her life with the audience, but this clearly hung heavy on Todd. Listening to his amazing insights this week has really made me a fan of the person, which to me enhances the (already great) stage act, and makes me regret not making room for this fucking hilarious show.

    Thank you for being here, and being honest.

    Also, thank you, David Spade, for being David Spade.

  • Rob – The difference between not paying your taxes and not supporting Catholicism is that you will get arrested for one of them. I agree with Todd on this one–you can’t voluntarily belong to an organization that puts forward such nonsense (and it’s not like the anti-gay thing is a small issue with the Catholic church) and claim that you aren’t supporting that nonsense, unless you are actively fighting that corruption. I can’t join the Man-Boy Love Association and say, “Well, I don’t agree with their policy on child molestation, but they have a nice clubhouse.”

    Now if the issue is that your spiritual fulfillment is more important to you than gay rights, go ahead and admit that. I can’t argue with that, as it’s just you being honest. But don’t dress it up like you are somehow crusading for justice.

  • There once was a man named Todd Glass
    Who creates a f@#$ing funny Podcas(t)
    He’s recently come out
    Not with a bang nor a shout
    Proving that he’s a dude full o Class…..
    …………{queue trumpet playing kid downstairs playing the Family Guy Theme, dog barking, and sanfford & son theme}

    Todd: keep up the great work punk! Your podcast really makes a difference and makes me laugh endlessly.


  • I’ll tell you why I’ve always liked Jonah Ray, he’s not afraid to break traditional improv rules. While most people say “yes, and,” he says “no, fuck you.”