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Episode 2: The Todd Glass Show
Rory Scovel and Daniel…
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #2: Rory Scovel and Daniel Kinno

Rory Scovel joins the show and Daniel Kinno is back for seconds on this week’s episode of The Todd Glass Show!


  • I’m about halfway through this episode and I just wanted to come on and say this is absolutely hilarious. I love the pure stream of consciousness and randomness, and I can’t wait to see where this podcast goes!

  • (actually, I guess his “party records” for the Laff label were around/kept in print even longer than S&S was in production, but they haven’t ever reached more than a small fraction of the SANFORD audience, particularly when SANFORD was the #2-rated series on US tv for several seasons…and, fwiw, both S&S and SEINFELD were on NBC…)

  • This episode is by far my single favorite podcast out of the, literally, 1000+ comedy podcast episodes I’ve heard over the past couple years. I love everything about this episode and LOVE Todd’s sense of humor. I can’t believe I hated Todd when he was on Last Comic Standing! Wtf was I thinking!?

  • I love this podcast, but cmon Chris please don’t yell at Todd about doing more music. I can just picture it, Chris just shouting Todd down, Todd with tears in his eyes just praying for it to be over. I mean the talking part is pretty good it does not really need the music.

  • Great podcast. Todd Glass has always been my favorite standup. Todd could do his bit about not ending a bit for a hour and I would listen. Rory and Daniel were great too. Don’t change a thing. Love the jingles. Back after the break.

  • Wow, am I glad that Todd Gladd started to do this podcast. Listening to him talk back and forth with his friends about whatever is hilarious, and I love the way he does it.

  • I love the podcast, and the Red Foxx bit is proof why. I think the Nerdist mentioned what happened before, but only Todd Glass would do the full bit with music. I would love to hear about Last Comic Standing or living next to Jay Mohr (on his podcast he has talked about living next to Todd).

  • Redd Foxx really did die of a heart attack on the set of a TV Show called the Royal Family. I don’t know if the cast thought he was joking though.
    The next time I see 10 white people I’m gonna say “I ain’t doing a show for 10 fucking white people.” and then walk away.
    Unfortunately, I doubt a band will be available to play the Sanford and Son theme.

  • I think i figured out why i like this podcast so much:

    1. It gives Todd a format to be awesome on.
    2. They do bits! When so many podcasts are “no bits allowed” so to speak, a podcast that does bits is nice.

    Also, it just occurred to me i really want to see Todd Glass and Mike Schmidt in a room, it’d be the formula 1 of talking.

  • Absolutely the best thing to come from the Nerdist since the Nerdist. Just hoping the “Long Intro” bit is cut a few episodes after it becomes grating. Keep it Glassy.

  • Todd.
    I know that people are constantly saying, Todd this is crap, stop wasting your time or Todd, i thought you were a comedian and Todd this is crap you aren’t funny or Todd 1hr 20 mins is too long for me to hear your abrasive “humor” and “annoying” voice but don’t stop making these podcasts. Even if I am speaking out of turn here by saying that many consider you “talentless” or an ear “burden” please know that there is at least one listener here that enjoys this show- let’s at least assume 1 or 2. The point here is to power through all of these naysayers that say things like Todd is a “major league hack” or Todd is a “trailblazer” for other failed “hack” types and focus on thinking positive. It will get better Todd. Practice makes perfect and I know you can make lemons out of this lemonade.
    Guy who gives compliments poorly