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The Todd Glass Show #119: James Adomian
Episode 119: The Todd Glass Show
James Adomian
The Todd Glass ShowThe Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #119: James Adomian

James Adomian returns for a fantastic show!

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  1. troy leykis says:

    hope hear some space monkeys mess up tom leykis make him go crazy

  2. Dan says:

    Man… listening to immortal (vampire?) Tom Leykis getting killed with a chainsaw almost gave me a heart attack. Another example of the dangers of listening at work.

  3. insert name here says:

    I’m still waiting for you guys to follow up to the first Adomian appearance and do Space Leykis

  4. Andy says:

    Dammit Todd, I was doing some carpentry up in my treehouse when things just go so ridiculous, I shaved three fingers off my left hand.

    All the way up to my elbow!

  5. Tom Leykis says:


  6. ben says:

    Special surprise appearances by : Pete Holmes, Eddie Pepitone, Andy Kindler, Senator McCain, Tom Leykis and more… WHOA.

  7. Zach Coty says:

    Holy shit I love every minute of this episode. James Adomian is one the the very best of the very best, and he and Todd and Jingle Joe mix into pure amazingness. This episode needs a warning before it for too much fun, I sound like I’m exaggerating, but you guys I swear I am not. Sock it to me, motherfucker!

  8. RayRay says:

    James Adomian twice in one week! CBB and now TGS? F N A!!!

  9. Mark says:

    “It’s like a magic trick, except it’s disgusting.”

    I’m dying, ahahahaha

  10. Jackson says:

    Adomian killed it on CBB this week, I can’t wait!

  11. Tillburg says:

    Oh god this was a huge mistake listening to this at work. I’m crying from holding back some laughter while Todd argues with “himself”. Jesus I can’t wait to see James tomorrow, it’ll be such a great show.