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The Todd Barry Crowd Work Tour To Be Released on

The Todd Barry Crowd Work Tour To Be Released on

Last night on The Daily Show, Louis C.K. promoted the release of his 1998 indie film Tomorrow Night, which is now available at his website and is great. But what’s also exciting is that that he also announced (right at the end of the interview) that he will also be releasing The Todd Barry Crowd Work Tour at his website in March. The wry and sharp Todd Barry toured the whole of the United States and did only crowd work the entire time; Having seen the show when he stopped at Largo here in L.A., I thought it was fantastic that Barry, whose comedy is often wonderfully subtle and precisely written, pulled off a whole night of making fun of individual audience members.

Does it surprise any of you that after sort of taking a break in 2013, just a little, that, in addition to this Todd Barry Crowd Work Tour, Louis C.K. is already killing it with an overall deal at FX, his movie, and Louie returning? Are you going to watch Todd’s special when it’s available in March?


  1. Can’t wait to see the Todd Barry movie! He is my favorite!