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The TARDIS is Bigger on the Inside, So is Your iPhone!

Well fellow nerds, thanks to the addition of folders the iPhone is now even BIGGER on the inside. So about a month ago, I was in search of a new background, and thought, “Hmm, What would a Timelord do with an iPhone?” and the answer is probably “Nothing, I have a sonic screwdriver.”

Well to achieve this awesomeness, all I did was Google” TARDIS exterior” and “TARDIS interior” save the images I wanted, Set the Lock and Home screen and voila… I was awash with nerdy excitement when I first slid to unlock and entered the much larger interior of my TARDIS. I still get a kick out of it.

I invite all of my fellow nerds to join me in making your iPhones truly bigger on the inside.

PS I know that the exterior is the 10th Doctor and the interior is the 11th Doctor, If someone can make a nice pic of the 11th Doctor’s exterior, I’ll change it.

P.P.S. I ended up changing it to Tennant’s interior before the posting… Now they match!