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The Talented Ms. Belmont


Look at Veronica Belmont…stealing the focus in this picture…JUST LIKE SHE DID ON “ATTACK OF THE SHOW” TODAY…because that’s what whip-smart, pretty ladies do!

It was a genuine pleasure hosting with her.


  • love that you always give props to all of the ladies (such as felicia and veronica, of course) in such a chivalrous way, mr. christopher! props re: the great aots shows with these fabulous’n’talented ladies! huzzah for all of THAT goodness. oh, and of course mad love for you, always!

    ps I’M SO EXCITED YOU’RE COMING TO NYC! thank YOU for fitting us east coasters into your busy schedule. ps i thought this Veronica post needed some love…just as much as Felicia’s b/c they’re both so outrageously awesome, OF course.