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The Strokes Are Back!

If news of the White Stripes dissolution has got you bummed, then here is some early-2000s karma to cheer you up: The Strokes have returned. Their new single, “Under Cover Of Darkness” from their upcoming album Angles is available for download now through the band’s website (only available for 48 hours).

The track should remind everyone why they fell in love with The Strokes: Dueling guitars that sound like a laser fight in space, foot-jarring drums, and Julian Casablancas’ sleep-deprived croon. The hooks are just as catchy as anything from Is This It or Room On Fire, so hopefully this is an indication of things to come. Check out the song below:


  1. Matthew Grosinger says:

    The Good kind of Strokes…
    They just released their album artwork this morning, check it out!

  2. smartbunny says:

    I like The Strokes!

  3. mRuss says:

    I read this story just before reading yours. I thought it was the same subject material: check the headline.

  4. ajax9191 says:

    I’ve been waiting 5 years to hear this!
    *Granted, I could have gone to see them in concert last year and got lucky to hear some of the upcoming songs on the album, or YouTube